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All Dried UpArnold's ParentsArnold Perlstein
Ashley Walker-Club DupreeBellaBlows Its Top
Butterfly and the Bog BeastCarlos Ramon
Carmina SkeledonCold FeetCracks a Yolk
Dorothy AnnDorothy Ann's MotherDr. Tennelli
Episode ThemesEvanFlexes Its Muscles
Flora WhiffFor Lunch
Gains WeightGeneral AraneusGerri Poveri
Gets Ants in Its PantsGets Charged
Gets EatenGets Lost in SpaceGets Planted
Gets ProgrammedGets Ready, Set, DoughGets Swamped
Gets a Bright IdeaGetting EnergizedGoes Cellular
Goes UpstreamGoes on AirGoes to Mussel Beach
Goes to SeedGoing BattyHarry Arm
Harry HerpHoliday SpecialHops Home
Horace ScopeIn a BeehiveIn a Pickle
In the ArcticIn the CityIn the Haunted House
In the RainforestInside RalphieInspector 47
JanetKeesha FranklinKicks Up a Storm
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